Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If this was it,
I'd wrap you up in the details
And fight it out until it wasn't worth the effort anymore.
I won't let you go
Starting tomorrow.

I'll sleep on this tonight,
And feel how it feels to slide into giving in,
I'm living in a world meant for me and you,

Will you begin, to see it my way?
Anyway, I'll try my best. If I regret what happens
I'll be better off for knowing. Knowing you.
Knowing there's something better off in the distance.
And I begin to let you off too easy.

Are you coming home?
Monkey, I've missed you. It's beginning to blend into
All those times I stopped holding onto.
I won't let it die.
I'm here to stay, for a while.

If I could only see you smile at me
Once before I dream tonight
Things would be very easy
And I'd be rising out into the midnight sky for good.
I wish you were coming to visit soon.
Oh monkey, how I've missed you.

So many times we've been right here.
What ties me to you is real, unspoken.
But things have shifted, and again
It's fading, distancing my here
And your there. It isn't fair.
And who's at fault? After all
We're children playing a game for
Grown-ups. If we were older
Things might have turned out
Golden, but time is short
And I'll get to the point:
I'm not over you. I am
Right where I have been
For years. And I'll
Hang onto you.
Until you
Come around
For Now,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

May 18, 2007

Another beer my dear?
There are plenty in the fridge.
We have everything we need right here,
so let your
golden hair down.
I'd like to just sit around
drinking whiskey while the sun sets,
laughing loudly at the times we've had
so far, and it's only just started.
Your smile makes me feel silly,
and your eyes tend to freeze me solid.
I don't know what it is,but you've got it;
and I can't get enough.
So let's open up another tall boy,
I'll let you call me cupcake.
I don't just want to spend the night with you,
I'd love to spend the next day too

June 29, 2007

She threw the lemonade
with passion, I knew she meant it.
It shaved the paint from the wall
behind my bed, where we dreampt last night
of how good it could be
(my arm resting beneath her head,
tingling; falling asleep).
But it's not up to me, she thinks
she's done with this, and that.

And now her voice, slightly slurring,
is saying she wants to "work it out",
to "talk"-- which mostly means yell
at me, like a dog who shit in the corner
of her bedroom. I'm running out of reasons
to keep this effort up. Her golden hair
is dulling, I see the crust and scabs
covered with makeup, that weren't there
last time I looked. But it's my fault that
we got here, so I'll let her choose.
Please excuse me dear, be a little kinder,
I am all you've got left to lose.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

As the buzzing fades in...
That familiar feeling grabs a hold of me.
Between my yesterdays long gone
And tomorrows come too soon
I'm in between being over you
And being too alone to care.
What you have done, I've done twice as often,
But it's lost in the details, forgotten.
So I'll soothe myself, a drink;
Some quick release, some conversation.

Summer came calling,
Softly lead in by a steady rain,
But now the heat is surely saying it's time.
It's time, for drinks on the back deck,
For feeling young, like Monday
Isn't coming, and you didn't break my heart
Last spring. It's time for moving on.
Time for goodbyes.
Time for fading into the background.
It's time for summer.