Thursday, July 30, 2009

RAAAWWRRR its Sargeras!

below is a sonnet from the greatest known world crushing poet, Sargeras


They're not afraid of me. Their jackal-cries
And leaps, and shield-wall rattles are unfeigned,
Their iron-shod angry spear-tips upward trained
Perchance to pierce my black, unarmored eyes.
They're not afraid. Nor would I be, though I
Were mortal e'en as they, and small as they
And knew my sun had wheeled its final day
Across a singed and melancholy sky.
(It's over.) In the distance fades the roar
Of my lieutenants, whose unruly song
Gloats throaty over trophies, braying long.
I fly instead to silence at the core,
Whose still-warm glowing rivers lurch and braid
And tumble at my eyebrows unafraid.

Friday, July 10, 2009

If sweetness could burn
I'd be bandaged up and blistered.
You've been bringing more than
I saw coming my way.

And I will take this step.
I'll let some sweetness dissolve.
After all, time is shorter than you imagine.
But I will take my time with you.
And please keep in mind
What I've been through before.
And keep your wonder
Wandering, be free and float.
That's what makes you shine so, anyway.