Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

I've got you hanging on my wall.
I've got you buzzing in my ear.
I've got you wrapped around
The corners of my mind
And on it all the time.

I've come this far for only you.
I've been waiting for so long.
I've got drawers packed full
Of greeting cards. I've got
Poems, I've got songs, I've got you.

I've got love tight inside my pocket.
I've got a hard grip on tomorrow.
I've got you to look forward to.
I've got much more than I would ask for.
I've got you hanging on my wall.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 22, 2009 - the beginning of Annie

You may have spoke too soon,
But I'm feeling just the same as you.
You are beautiful, you taste like my
Dreams coming true. Your taste
Fascinates me. Your laugh, your shape
As you climb out of bed, your smile,
Your head on my lap. I miss
You every minute you are away,
But you say "soon enough"
You will be here, be mine,
Be my baby blue eyes.
And we will run off after the sunrise.

I've been waiting for you.
You left like sunset,
Squeezed behind the hill,
Regretting our last mistaken goodbye.
A breeze licked the raindrops from the rail,
As the sun beating broke the scilence
Of a Saturday afternoon aglow.
Full of dancing limbs, and telephone poles.
A warm aroma oozes out to air.
The summer melts around me; wet, dripping,
Heat-soaked with laughter not yet opened up.
A fine moment this would be, with company,
Easy chatter, like spilled drinks un-noticed.

A slender cloud on the horizon, cut
Deep into the distance, I wonder what.
Closing out the sunshine, with eyelids shut.
It was the last time
I heard your voice.
The pitchy frustration,
A cliff's edge
A crash of satly tear-waves below.
A year I waited
And you slid into my bed
With enough ease to
Make me wonder. After
Months, I ran out of poems
That I hadn't already read to you.
You grew bored, rushed off
To a walkaway.
It was the last time.

the roomies, early 2007

James lays lazily watching a TV commercial
Selling a television, or lipstick; pink I think.
I think, this might be thunder rolling in;
Crashing, like dishes dirty in the sink.

I think, Kevin must be on his way, soon enough.
Last minute Lora, kissing enough to last
Until Friday. Next week will be moving in tomorrow.

I think, I might be hoping
For a late night call from you. Like last night's
Drunken, backwards, half-hearted apoligy (insulting).
I'm remembering my cousin's laugh, sudden and true.
I think of you, when I think of
Almost anything. Surprise, surprise.

Shuffling off, grey shoes, near
The chair I slept in last night. We
Were right on track with midnight love
Making, to making steps towards birthday dinners,
Book discussions, rushing off after sleeping in too late.
I think, I give up on this.

I think, winning isn't worth it after all.
I catch a break between two moments
To consider your side. I find a breath,
Breatjing you out, without much regret,
Forget, forget, forget, we ever met.
And everyone laughs, the funny scene between the trees,
The polka-dot chair peeking through the screen.
I think, this is as far as I can get.