Sunday, August 23, 2009

the roomies, early 2007

James lays lazily watching a TV commercial
Selling a television, or lipstick; pink I think.
I think, this might be thunder rolling in;
Crashing, like dishes dirty in the sink.

I think, Kevin must be on his way, soon enough.
Last minute Lora, kissing enough to last
Until Friday. Next week will be moving in tomorrow.

I think, I might be hoping
For a late night call from you. Like last night's
Drunken, backwards, half-hearted apoligy (insulting).
I'm remembering my cousin's laugh, sudden and true.
I think of you, when I think of
Almost anything. Surprise, surprise.

Shuffling off, grey shoes, near
The chair I slept in last night. We
Were right on track with midnight love
Making, to making steps towards birthday dinners,
Book discussions, rushing off after sleeping in too late.
I think, I give up on this.

I think, winning isn't worth it after all.
I catch a break between two moments
To consider your side. I find a breath,
Breatjing you out, without much regret,
Forget, forget, forget, we ever met.
And everyone laughs, the funny scene between the trees,
The polka-dot chair peeking through the screen.
I think, this is as far as I can get.

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